Do we really relax when we sleep

Nov. 2016
Size: 16''×1.5''×10.5''
Material: resin, wax, acrylic sheet, canvas
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

Do we really relax when we sleep? I think maybe not. In dreams, we are still thinking about the problems we met during the day.  Although we close our eyes, we still keep thinking. We are exhausted, but we cannot stop.
My piece is about a soul never stopping to have a rest. I have an experience when I close my eyes, which gives me an inspiration to express my concept. When I close my eyes, I still can “see” some of the tiny bright lines in my eyes. I should be in the dark when I close my eyes, but in truth I’m not. Lines in eyes are still changing their shapes, which makes me feel quite distressed. My eyes seem to be still working when I close my eyes.

Fingerprints|Red lines|hands

Nov. 2016
Size: 25''×30''×22''
Material: Concrete, sewing thread, linen, fabric
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

The inspiration of this piece comes from a traditional Chinese folk song. The content of the song tells you how to use your fingerprints to divine your future. They simply divide the fingerprints into two types based on the patterns of fingers in the folk song. One type is the pattern like a whorl, the other is not. They count the number of whorl pattern fingerprints on your hands, and then try to divine the future.
One whorl pattern on your hands means you’ll be poor, two means you’ll be rich, three and four mean you will have a small business, five and six mean you will have your own company, seven and eight mean you will be engaged in politics, and nine and ten mean you will enjoy your whole life.
However, when I was growing up, I generally found that the future is composed with unpredictability and uncertain elements. Everything has its own steps. Everything is easy to change. Everything is possible. It makes me feel unnerved and confused sometimes.
So I made this piece with inspiration from the folk song. All the hands were extended with palms up. It looks like all children are trying to predict their future by showing their hands to their friends. But the red lines coming from the fingerprints look weak. A tiny nail hangs on all the red lines, which makes the nail look easy to fall off. Maybe all of the hands will drop down to the ground also. It is just like all the predictions, gradually losing their power. Future is coming with uncertainty.

The morning

Size: 12''×11''×''7
Material: Ceramic, glass
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

I enjoy paying attention to part of life scene. For me, I think morning like the opening of a theatrical performance. For this piece, it is more like a theater of absurdity. Everything is chaos. Everything might happen. Possibilities, uncertainties, expectations are all hidden in a tired and quiet morning.