• Horizon 3

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May. 2017
Model: Artist
Size: 38''x28''x15''
Material:Paper, paper pulp, acrylic pigment, steel, glue,plastic, string
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

Horizon, the large scale wearable art piece perform the transformation from white scene to black scene. It can be changed from white to black smoothly through model's control. 

From 2015-2017, I have focused on the series: Horizon. I like horizons. They always give me a feeling of silence, the unknown and emptiness. And I believe a person should be one of the essential elements in horizon. When sky and ground compose the endless spaces in the horizon, the space, in the same time, is translated into human form. What the person feels in the horizon was shown on their body. Communication between the person and the horizon interests me a lot.

In 2015, Horizon1 was first been made and shown on Rochester Fashion week. In 2016, Horizon 2 was shown on Rochester Fashion week, too. In 2017, Horizon3, which was different from the previous artworks, it was designed to incorporate elements of transformation. It can transfer from white scene to black scene by controlling the rope to complete the transformation. It was shown on 2017 Exhibition in Motion of SNAG Conference in New Orleans (Society of North American Goldsmiths).