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Horizon 1

Oct. 2015
Model: Yoonjee Kwak
Size: 31''×37.5''×7.5''
Material:Paper, paper pulp, copper, acrylic pigment
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark


Oct. 2015
Model: Julia Manson
Size: 29''×38.5''×9.5''
Material:Steel, Plastic, Korean paper, Glue
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

I like horizons. They always give me a feeling of silence, the unknown and emptiness. I think horizons should be composed by sky, ground and a person. Sometimes it makes me feel bored when I see photos of horizons only including sky and ground. I feel something is missing from the photos. Then I find sky and ground compose endless and emptiness spaces in the horizon, and the space is translated into human form. What they feel in the horizon was show on their body. Communication between the person and the horizon interests me a lot.

This is the concept for my “horizon” pieces. I made wearable pieces, which could express the impact of the horizon on people. So I made pieces that could divide into two parts. The top part represents sky and the bottom part means ground. People are in my pieces when they wear them, so it brings an interesting connection between pieces and models. For details, I want to emphasize the feeling of emptiness and blankness in the pieces, so I choose a foggy scene. In a foggy scene, the sky and ground look similar. For me, it is more likely to feel endless and emptiness when I am exposed to unclear space.