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Two of my "Horizon" works were on Cornucopia Exhibit in Motion

It was a great honor to be invited to be part of the first year of the runway show Cornucopia Exhibit in Motion, which was held by Equinox Gallery. Two of my “Horizon” works were exposed to the audiences who came to the event on Aug. 24, 2019.

Artist list

Nicole DesChamps-Benke, Laritza Garza, Maia Leppo, Griselda Pena, Sarah Roberts, Sandra Salaices, Alejandro Sifuentes, Jillian Sortore, Olga Starostina, Dongyi Wu

Show statement: 

Featuring 16 different Looks from 10 Designers Equinox will host a Runway Show, Dinner, and Fundraiser for the Inaugural Martha Finstermaker Metals Scholarship on August 24th, 2019.

Embracing the entire body as canvas Cornucopia looks to grow the small intimate moments jewelry can offer into an exploration of new scale and design.  Join us As we move IN MOTION toward a celebration of larger scale, sculptural works of art to adorn the form in ways unseen.  

Curated by:Alejandro Sifuentes, Jared Montemayor.


Reception: August 24, 2019. 6pm-8pm.

Runway show: 8pm-10pm. 

More information:

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Opening Reception for solo show "Daily Notes" in San Antonio

Gallery View

Artist Reception

Thanks for everyone who came to visit my solo show “Daily Notes” at Equinox Gallery in San Antonio, TX.

It was a great experience to have my works to be presented in the historical building and shared them with the audiences from south of Texas! Big thanks for the Equinox Gallery who invited me to have a local show in San Antonio!

More Information:

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to Aug 25

Next solo show "Daily Notes" coming in this August


I feel so excited to announce that my next solo show “Daily Notes” presents by Equinox Jewelry Gallery coming in this August!! “Daily Notes” will feature my recent jewelry works and some sculptural works! Please check it out if you are around San Antonio, TX.

Location and hours: 

Reception: August 18, 2019. 12pm-4pm.

 Exhibition Date: August 10-25, 2019. 

Location: 418 Villita St building 4, San Antonio, TX 78205

 Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday: 10am-6pm, Sunday: 12-4pm

More Information:

About Daily Notes:

 Dongyi Wu's presentation at Equinox Gallery "Daily Notes" mainly features her recent three series of works: PasserbyTiredand No Longer Human. "Daily Notes are probably for repeatedly recording some of the things that seem to be useless. But they might remind people of the things that are mostly forgotten or ignored, which could be the treasure of our lives," says Wu. Passerbyshows people who walk on streets with interesting clothes and accessories. By capturing their actions images and the wearing colors, Wu wants to show their lifestyle and some of their life attitude. Series Works Tiredshare an interesting experience from Wu. She said:" I felt very sleepy once an afternoon. I gradually felt my eyeballs were almost falling off from my eyes, and my eyelashes were also falling. Then I recorded the moment of feeling by my works." The inspiration of No Longer Humancomes from the first three chapters of a Japanese Novel <No Longer Human>. It told a young man who tried to survive in the complex society. The salmon strip on the necklaces represents the young man's soul, and the other parts on works show the different surroundings that the young man may suffer. 


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Opening reception for my solo show "Lucid Dreams" in Fort Worth


Gallery View

Thanks everyone who came and joined the reception of my second solo show “Lucid Dreams. ” I was so happy to talk with people who came to visit, so excited to meet new/old friends there.
Also, big thanks to Fort Worth Community Art Center to have my show to be part of the fabulous exhibitions in July. I feel so proud that my solo “Lucid Dreams” can be selected as the sponsored exhibition.
The show can be viewed until July 24, 2019.

More info:

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to Jul 23

Next Solo show at Fort Worth Community Art Center

Wu_Dongyi_No Longer Human1.jpg

I feel very excited to announce that my next solo show is coming soon.

Location and hours: 

Location: Gallery 6, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, TX, 76107, US

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Reception: July 12, 2019. 6 PM-9PM

Exhibition date: July 05 2019- July 24 2019 

More info:

Lucid Dreams
“Lucid Dreams” is Dongyi’s second solo exhibition, which feature her recent wearable artworks, body jewelry, sculptures, several of which are awarding-winning. “Lucid Dreams” continues focusing on expressing emotions by exploring stories took place in daily life and night dreams. Wu has focused on exploring night dreams from 2015. She believes that people have various images that arise in their dreams caused by daily experiences, personal matters, and sensations experienced in our lives. All images or ideas that occur in dreams are recreated, and real emotions are able to appear clearly. Emotions in dreams tend to be real and clear, and people’s sensitivity to them promotes the clarity of genuine emotion. Such as her series sculptural works named “Dreams” and “Continuous dreams,” she wants to express the anxiety concealed by daily life by exploring people’s dreams. However, from 2017, Wu was not limited to the expression of dreamy images. She found the power of small scenes in daily lives, which those scenes appear to have little meaning, but actually have the power to reveal hidden emotions. Combining the stories from day and night, “Lucid Dreams” could be presented the emotions buried deep in people’s minds.
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Find my new works at Trunk show (48th Snag Conference)

Check out my new wearable artworks at 2019 Trunk show (48th Snag Conference)!!

New “KEY RINGS” series will be exposed at the trunk show and for sale!! Ready to be surprised, you will find your new treasures here!

Location: Palmer House, 17 E Monroe St, Chicago, 60603.

Event time: 14:00-18:00 (14:00-15:00 VIP) May 25, 2019

Facebook link:

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Thanks everyone who came to my speech at Snag Conference in Chicago


Thanks everyone who came to my speak “Welcome to my Fun-But-Weird little Art World” at 48th Annual Snag Conference: The coming full loop-50 years of Snag, in Chicago.

Big Thanks for inviting me to be one of the early career speakers @snagmetalsmith.

Event time: May 24, 10:30-11:30am

Location: Palmer House, 17 E Monroe St, Chicago, 60603.

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to May 25

"No Longer Human" in Adorned Spaces (SNAG Conference)

  • Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront (Ballroom level, salon G), 1401 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR USA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Please check them out if you are here at the #snagconference! My pieces are shown in the Adorned spaces (Ballroom level, salon G). I feel so excited about the reception on 5pm-8pm May 25. Hope to see you here!

Curator: Dongyi Wu
Artist: Dongyi Wu
Exhibition title: No longer Human (Adorned Spaces, 47th Annual SNAG conference 2018)

Exhibition time: May 23-May 25.

Reception: 5pm-8pm May 25, 2018

Location: Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront (Ballroom level, salon G), 1401 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR

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"Dream" now can be found on "New Brooches".

I feel very excited to announce that my work “Dream” can be found on the book "New Brooches", which is edited by Nicolas Estrada. Thanks for my beautiful model Julia Manson and great photographer Kanghong Zhong.

Here is the amazon link for the book:

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to Feb 18

Thanks everyone who came to my solo show "Wandering in deep deep dreams"


Gallery View


Thanks everyone who came to my solo show "Wandering in deep deep dreams"! 
Thanks Gallery R giving me the chance to help me to make it come true!!!!  Also big thanks all the helps from John Aäsp, gallery director of Gallery R!!
Thanks everyone who helped me to set up the show! 

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to Oct 6

Won the ENJOIA’T 2017 Student Award Finalist!

ENJOIA’T, Contemporary Jewelry Awards, is an open call that has taken place every year since 1994 and prizes remarkable, contemporary jewelry creations. It is an important meeting of professional and student jewelers from all over the world, which occurs during Barcelona Jewelry Week. (From 

Feel So lucky to be chosen as

ENJOIA’T 2017 Student Category Finalists.

Thank you all!




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New serial artworks start now!!

  • Rochester Institute of Technology (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
Phtot from:&nbsp;

Phtot from:

Inspiration from a famous Japanese Novel No Longer Human (人間失格 Ningen Shikkaku) by Osamu Dazai. The first part narrated a troubled man incapable of revealing his true self to others, and who is instead forced to uphold a facade of hollow jocularity. (From:

No longer Human01.jpg

No Longer Human1
Sep. 2017
Size: 3.5''x4.3''x1.75''(without chain)
Material: Wood, Acrylic pigment, Sterling silver, Nickel, Balloon, Wool felt, Leather cord
Photo by: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

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