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Material: Newspapers, resin, 
Size: 48''×2.5''×25.5''
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark


Material: Newspapers, resin
Size: 58''×7''×2.5''
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark


Material: Newspapers, books, resin, nail
Size: 88''×24''×8''
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark


Material: Cherry wood, concrete
Size: 55''×22''×5''
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark


Material: Foam, concrete, transparent tube
Size: 9ft.×6ft.×8ft.
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark


This series works were made for my thesis show in 2016. 
People's dreams are what interest me as an artist. Emotions are essential aspects of people’s dreams. We have various images caused by daily experience, personal matters and sensations in our dreams. All succession of images or ideas that occur in dreams are recreated, and the real emotions appear clearly. In this case, emotions in dreams tend to be easier to show in a real, clear and sensitive way. In the meantime, I consider emotions to be also the motivating force of our dreams. So it gives rise to the situation that emotions and dreams have built a strong connection.

Then I paid attention to anxious dreams. The feelings of anxious dreams are more intensive and delicate than any other types of dreams for me. It is clear that the anxiety in dreams inspired by the experience in daytime. What I feel anxious in real life are unpredictability and uncertainty factors. Some uncertain elements may depend on other people or factors like nature, surroundings, spaces and time. In this case, although I worried about them, all the uncertain events just continue to happen period, they cannot be predicted. So the emotions occur in daily life made me have anxious dreams. 

Those series works show one of my anxious dreams. That was a silent and endless dreamland. There were some islands soaked in flowing water. And all the streams were flowing to one direction silently. Below the streams, there were lots of whirlpools. I felt worried and fear about the movement of the stream, but I was not afraid of the whirlpools. I stood in the middle of the streams and strived to control or find the direction of the streams. But nothing could be changed or predicted.