Continuous Dreams3

Nov. 2016
Size: 13''×72''× Adjustable width
Material: Yarn, found objects
Photo Credits: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

My exploration aimed to reveal the true feelings of people by unearthing the details of life. For this series, I paid attention to anxious dreams, because emotions in dreams tend to be easier to show in a real, clear and sensitive way. 

The series show cities with crowded buildings. Those buildings were all in dark colors like deep red, black and dark purple. I was running between these buildings and trying to find an exit. However, I failed. It looked like a maze and I was lost in it. So I found a wood frame to act as the exit. And the red, black and purple yarns serve as a metaphor for the endless cities that are crowded with buildings.  The yarn that was stuffed into the frame represents the endless buildings blocking the exit.