Photo by: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

Photo by: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

About Dongyi Wu

I was born and raised in Bengbu and then she moved to Xiamen, China. Now I am an artist based in Rochester, NY. I completed my undergraduate study of the major of jewelry art design at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. And then I continued to explore my art at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The researches for my art have focused on psychology for a long time. I like to express particular types of emotions of feelings by narrating life scene or details. In this case, my works tend to look silence or emptiness but with delicate emotions. Such as the series works named “Dreams” and “Continuous dreams”, I want to express the anxiety concealed by daily life by exploring people’s dreams. Moreover, I believe that motivation of expressing is more important than the purpose of expressing. For me, rather than solving problems, it is more important to raise questions in the process of expressing emotions.

The artworks created by mine are mainly divided into three parts: Jewelry art, body jewelry and sculpture. Influenced by the education given by the undergraduate school, which is famous for fashion design in China, it raises me the interest in large-scale body jewelry. I believe human bodies not only provide jewelry pieces with a place, but also an essential part of art pieces. I enjoy the interaction and relationship between body jewelry with emotions or actions delivering by human bodies. Moreover, in order to further exploring my concept, I find I need to explore other art forms such as sculpture and installations, but not limited to jewelry art.

My pieces tend to compose of mixed material. I enjoy exploring new materials and give them unique tactile, texture and meaning. About art forms, my artworks tend to combine organic with abstract forms. I like to use simple but organic style to create narrative stories in my art. I also prefer to choose abstract forms with repetition to express variation in the process of transformation.